NBS CLARO (Water Feature Steriliser)

NBS CLARO (Water Feature Steriliser)
 NBS CLARO (Water Feature Steriliser)NBS CLARO (Water Feature Steriliser) 
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  • Does not allow bio-film build-up on surface of fountains or water features.
  • Fountain treatment acts upon slime and scum.
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 pack treats 10,000 litres.

Brand:  Natures Bio Solutions Ltd.

Features & Advantages

NBS CLARO is a special formulation to keep the water in fountains and water features sterilise. NBS CLARO does not foam. Fountain steriliser product acts almost instantly making your water features clear and free of bio-film or slime deposits. The fast acting product reduces microorganism growth by 99.9 percent within 3 hours.  Pets, birds and visiting animals could safely drink water from the treated water fountain without any side effects.

NOTE: NBS CLARO must not be used in water features, fountains containing invertebrates, fish and plants.

  • NBS CLARO acts upon slime and scum that produce green water effect in fountains and water features.
  • Does not allow bio-film build up on surface of fountains or other water features.
  • Fountain clear prevents build-up of unsightly lime-scale (white deposits) in hard water areas..
  • Even very low concentrations give quick, fast and effective results.
  • Easy to dispense non- foaming powder.
  • Works throughout the year, efficacy maintained over wide temperature range.
  • NBS CLARO poses no danger to pets or visiting animals when diluted as per recommended treatment dosage i.e. your pets could safely sip from the treated fountain water.
  • Works effectively in hard water too.
  • Completely odourless formula.


Unique formula of NBS CLARO protects water fountains and water features against wide range of air borne bacteria various microbes that produce bio-film or slime.

NBS CLARO reduces corrosion in water systems with its fast acting formula that does not allow harmful and unappealing slime to deposit on the surface. The product keeps the circulating water clean and minimizes the growth of pathogens.

NBS CLARO is suitable to use in all types of water re-circulation systems/water features.  The product improves the aesthetics of your fountains by keeping them free of slime deposits and maintaining clear circulating water. The eco-friendly formula is safe to use around pets and animals.  You do not experience any odour or foam formation in the treated water.

Note: Please ensure that the ph level of your water is below 9.0 as the product is not suitable for higher pH levels because of rapid hydrolysis.

How To Use

Fill water feature with water and add contents of packet to the water. Leave solution in contact for 30-60 minutes or until copper brightens. Remove solution to drain. Rinse with clean water.

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