NBS RASK (Pond Duckweed Removal)

NBS RASK (Pond Duckweed Removal)
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  • Natural pond duckweed treatment, starved of nutrients and dies.
  • Treatment works by absorbing key nutrients essential for duckweed to grow.
  • Highly effective Duckweed Removal method safe for a visiting pets and bird.
  • Shelf life 2 years, 1 pack treats 10,000 litres.


Features & Advantages

  • Biological product with highly concentrated yet safe formulation for getting rid of duckweed and prevent re-infestation for a long period.
  • Includes especially cultured microbes to give you targeted action every time with each application.
  • Special bacteria in the product outcompetes duckweed for nutrition by feeding upon essential nutrients (phosphates and nitrates) for duckweed to thrive.
  • Improves water quality. Reinstates equilibrium in the water body by removing excessive nutrients.
  • Completely safe to use in ponds or lakes. Treated water poses no hazard to pets, stray animals or live stock.
  • Convenient to use and safe for duckweed control in ponds
  • Duckweed treatment is suitable for use in water bodies with gold fish, koi fish, angling clubs, commercial fish farms, fishing lakes, livestock holding tanks.

How to Use

Use when water is above 10 °C. If duckweed persists repeat treatment after 4 weeks.

N.B. Stop treatment when pond is clear. Ensure that the pond has good level of oxygen saturation.


What is duckweed?

Duckweed or Lemna Minor is amongst the smallest of the flowering plants found worldwide. It is a perennial aquatic plant with 1-3 fronds or tiny leaves. Root hairs appear with every leave and hang below the water surface deriving nutrition from it while the leaves float above water covering the surface as a thick mat. This characteristic of the weed often make pond keepers mistake the duckweed infestation for algae bloom.Unlike other aquatic plants which may float above but are rooted at the bottom, duckweed in ponds, lakes derives nutrition from the water. Water bodies with excessive nutrients offer a favourable environment to multiply prolifically. These plants, under ideal conditions could double the covered surface area in less than 2 days. Since it is a plant, it does not respond to algae treatments. One should make special efforts to identify the type of infestation prior to any treatments.

It survives harsh water and weather conditions. The plant remains unaffected in the wide pH range of 4.5 to 7.5 and is able to survive cold temperatures of -7° Celsius. Duckweed seeds or turions sink to the bottom during winters and germinate once the favourable conditions are re-established. Therefore even if there are no visible infestations of duckweed your pond is still vulnerable to unwanted spread of duckweed as soon as the pond loses its equilibrium.

How to eradicate Duckweed?

It is important to choose the treatments which not only help you get rid of existing duckweed growth but also give you long lasting freedom from the duckweed nuisance. NBS RASK helps you eradicate duckweed by enhancing water quality and absorbing the nutrients essential for the growth.

Use NBS RASK to cure zoo ponds, boundary water courses, ecologically unbalanced lakes or ponds, water bodies under intensive aquaculture operations such as live stock holding tanks, angling clubs, commercial fish farms.

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