NBS ACTIV (3 Season Pond Bacteria)

NBS ACTIV (3 Season Pond Bacteria)
 NBS ACTIV (3 Season Pond Bacteria)NBS ACTIV (3 Season Pond Bacteria) 
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Brand:  Natures Bio Solutions Ltd.

  • Nitrifying pond bacteria helps protect against blanket weed and green algae.
  • Essential micronutrients help the good beneficial natural bacteria thrive.
  • Good pond bacteria helps to achieve a natural balance to your water from Spring to Autumn.
  • Shelf life 2 years, 1 pack treats 10,000 litres.

Features & Advantages

  • Pond bacteria treatment includes a special assortment of 3 season bacteria that are capable of surviving and remaining active even at low temperatures.  Provides special care for your ponds during early springs, autumn months and winters.
  • Treats cloudy water and improves water clarity by reducing ammonia, nitrite levels and other excessive nutrients.
  • NBS 3 Season Pond Bacteria is an optimized mix of carefully chosen live and fast acting bacteria that boosts the population of beneficial nitrifying bacteria in the pond when they at the lowest during winters.
  • Maintains balanced ecosystem in all 3 Season months.
  • Pond beneficial bacteria reduces toxic ammonia that is lethal for fish.
  • Prepares your pond during all 3 Seasons to ward off algal attacks as the warmer weather approaches.
  • Improves decomposition process boosting the organic matter to degenerate quickly. Rapid breakdown of organic deposits at the bottom of the pond eliminates bad odours and cloudy water.
  • Available in easy to use powder form that can be added directly or applied after making slurry.
  • Works well in both fresh water and salt water systems.


During all 3 Season months even the healthiest ponds with perfect ecological balance, active fish and clear water become susceptible to algal blooms and cloudy water. This happens because the pond water becomes loaded with organic waste such as shed leaves and low temperatures kill off beneficial bacteria. In absence of right kind of bacterial activity the organic waste takes longer to decompose adding to the nutrient load in the water. Result is green or cloudy appearance. With the onset of spring and warm weather your pond offers perfect breeding ground for blanket weed and green algae.

NBS ACTIV has been specially created for pond care during all 3 Season months. The blend includes psychrophilic bacteria along with other favourable bacteria. These bacteria are capable of remaining active even during all 3 Season months.

Use NBS ACTIV in large ponds, ponds with koi fish or gold fish, ornamental fish ponds or in ponds that are ecologically unbalanced. NBS ACTIV also aids water bodies with intensive aquaculture operations, for example live stock holding tanks or commercial fish farms.


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