NBS PETRO (Petrol Injector Cleaner)

NBS PETRO (Petrol Injector Cleaner)
 NBS PETRO (Petrol Injector Cleaner)NBS PETRO (Petrol Injector Cleaner) 
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  • Cleans and protects the fuel injection system
  • Remove and prevents engine deposits  
  • Improves fuel economy up to 6%
  • Reduce exhaust gas emission
  • 250ml treats up to 250L

Brand:  Natures Bio Solutions Ltd.

Dosage Rate: 1,000ppm (1: 1,000). Can be increased to 2,000ppm (1:500) for one off deep clean.

NBS PETRO Petrol Injector Cleaner contains powerful detergents that help remove existing deposits and prevents further formation of deposits. Engine deposits are caused by fuel decomposition and unburnt fuel. Deposits build up can cause a decrease in efficiency and performance of the engine. NBS PETRO Petrol Fuel Additive helps to keep clean and clean-up intake valves and injectors.

Modern direct injection engines utilize precise fuel metering through narrow shaped spray channels. Deposits on the fuel injector means reduced fuel flow rate. A finely atomised spray can result only from a clean injector that give optimal fuel spray pattern. This means that a more complete burn is attained as each finely dispersed fuel particle is surrounded by many molecules of air (20% oxygen). The result is an increase in fuel economy, reduced emissions and improved engine durability.

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