NBS RIBUT Liquid (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye)

NBS RIBUT Liquid (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye)
 NBS RIBUT Liquid (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye)NBS RIBUT Liquid (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye) 
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  • Remedy that works all year right down to 4°C
  • Natures method of clearing green and murky pond water
  • Natural probiotic bacteria that gives outstanding water clarity
  • Reduces algae photosynthesis and ability to grow
  • Less organic matter - means more oxygen for your fish

Brand:  Natures Bio Solutions Ltd.


What is green pond water?

Green water is a very common issue that many pond owners face, and the cure isn't as complicated as you may believe.  Koi and fish ponds suffer more than wildlife ponds, as the fish waste (ammonia/nitrate) is being continuously converted by the bio filter into plant nutrients mainly nitrates.  

Green pond water is caused by the accumulation of countless single cells, microscopic spores of green algae suspended in the water. These can reproduce at an alarming rate when fuelled by nutrients in the water and direct sunlight, reducing the visibility in your pond to near zero often with the appearance of “pea soup”.

Fortunately, there is an effective treatment available to-day, it is a combination of natural probiotic bacteria NBS RIBUT and NBS UV BLUE a UV absorbing dye which inhibits photosynthesis of algae.

Algae that causes green water is not to be confused with string algae (also referred to as blanket weed), which looks like a stringy weed that bunches together and frequently clog filters and drains, see NBS MORSUS.

What causes green water algae?

"The biggest stimulant to green pond water is the sun. While some sunlight is healthy for you and your pond, excessive exposure will cause problems. When single cell green algae reproduce very rapidly we call this an algae bloom rate this is always caused by both sunlight and excess nutrients in the water.

Tap water also contains high phosphate levels this acts as another nutrient for algae, that’s why ponds filled from empty or new ponds frequently turn green, because the natural bacteria have not had a chance to colonise in sufficient numbers to remove these phosphates.

These algae are tiny microscopic single celled plants, they can’t be seen with the naked eye and are so tiny that they go through most filter materials including foam type. With strong sun light, provided it has nutrients, algae can reproduce very rapidly, clouding a pond and reducing visibility in a matter of days. 

What problems does green pond water algae give?

"Unfortunately, as well as affecting clarity of the water, algae can also cause problems in the pond by increasing pH of the water and lowering the oxygen levels.

Although green water algae are microscopic, like all plants they photosynthesis to grow, when this happens in aquatic plants growing under the water the PH gradually increases this higher pH accelerates algae growth rates and if left unchecked will badly affect the fish’s health.

Algae photosynthesis nutrients from carbon dioxide and water and produces oxygen during daylight hours, but as the sun goes down there is a reversal of this process. At dusk a pond full of green will have a continuous reduction of oxygen until just before dawn, it is at its lowest, this can lead to fatalities to fish and other aquatic life.

How to clear green pond water algae?

NBS RIBUT is the best natural way to eliminate green water algae by introducing a blend of billions of natural probiotic bacteria to your pond this will rapidly speed up the natural clean-up process. By focussing on the excess organics i.e. decaying fish food and waste, dead leaves and other organic matter.

Excess unwanted organic matter gives of dangerous toxins which can often affect fish health. By naturally removing them you are automatically giving all aquatic life (fish, newts, frogs, insects etc) a much better environment to live in with enhanced oxygen levels. NBS RIBUT will also rapidly colonise and enhance the bio filter for the most efficient breakdown of nitrates and other excessive nutrients.

Low temperatures – All year protection

Most green pond water treatments only work down to 12°C, this means that since pond algae can grow at temperatures down to 8°C, they get a head start at the beginning of the year when bacteria are not a competitor. This is one of the reasons ponds go green in the Spring.  However, when using NBS RIBUT to your water you are adding a unique 12 species blend of beneficial probiotic bacteria, our blend incorporates strains which work down to 4°C ensuring protection all year round.

Algae photosynthesis

All algae need sunlight to reproduce by photosynthesis, so you can at the same time as treating with NBS RIBUT bacteria, reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the algae by using the UV Inhibitor NBS UV BLUE.

Combination treatment

Use NBS RIBUT together with a UV inhibitor dye reduces photosynthesis giving you a unique all year treatment. We supply special twin product packs of 1 litre of NBS RIBUT and 100ml NBS UV BLUE for this purpose. Each product is also available as individual refills.

String Algae / Blanket weed

Although NBS RIBUT has been designed to eliminate green pond water algae, it will also supress the growth of string algae / blanket weed.  However, we do have a product that has been specially formulated for this task it is NBS SOPLAR.



  1. Before using clean out the filters including biological side
  2. Initial Treatment - Switch UV lights off for 2-3 days
  3. Remove any excessive floating algae.
  4. Calculate pond volume, shake bottle before use.                                                                                                                   
  5. Use 25ml NBS RIBUT Liquid per 1,000 litres/220 gallons.                         
  6. Mix in bucket and spread equally over pond surface
  7. For heavy contamination use at double - triple dose rate and re-treat every week.                                                                                                             
  8. Overdosing will not affect your fish.
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Just has t was discribed
Wednesday, 4 September 2019  | 

did what it said it would do

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Great stuff
Saturday, 11 August 2018  | 

Really works great product would buy again when required

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NBS RIBUT Liquid (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye).
Thursday, 9 August 2018  | 

Im very pleased with this product, so much so I have been to visit family and friends whom also have ponds with this water treatment to show them how good it is. They have all now put in orders as I will have to do too as I am nearly out.
Kind regards, Paul

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