NBS RAYO Powder (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye)

NBS RAYO Powder (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye)
 NBS RAYO Powder (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye)NBS RAYO Powder (Green Water Treatment & UV Blue Dye) 
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  • Ideal green pond water treatment for natural wildlife ponds
  • Natural Probiotic bacteria that gives outstanding water clarity
  • Reduces algae photosynthesis and ability to grow
  • Helps prevent blanket weed from growing
  • Remedy that works all year right down to 4°C

Brand:  Natures Bio Solutions Ltd.

The Best Biological Pond Treatment for Natural Ponds

Natural ponds can be a thing of beauty with wildlife and many creatures making use of it. Frogs, toads and newts with insects such as dragon flies, mayflies, pond skaters, snails and water beetles will all breeding in it. Larger ponds can also support many different types of waterfowl, including ducks, moorhens and coots. These ponds often do not have filters or water circulation pumps.

Algae blooms are one of the most common problems in this type of pond, excessive algae growth is a sure sign that your ponds ecosystem is out of balance i.e. there are excess nutrients which algae thrive on. The other stimulant to green pond water is the sun. While some sunlight is healthy for you and your pond, excessive exposure will cause single cell green algae to reproduce very rapidly, this is called an algae bloom rate. It is always caused by both sunlight and excess nutrients in the water.

Effective control requires addressing these excess nutrients and ensure that they are removed in a natural way and are prevented from recurring, whilst also reducing sunlight reaching the algae and preventing photosynthesis.

Fortunately, the answer is to hand. NBS RAYO contains billions of good bacteria which are ready to come to the rescue. They will rapidly reproduce in your pond consuming the excess nutrients and starving algae of their food source, they are super-efficient and carry on working down to 4°C. To give you the best synergistic action we combine our natural probiotic bacteria NBS RAYO with NBS UV BLUE a UV absorbing dye which inhibits photosynthesis of algae.

Synergistic Combination Packs

NBS RAYO together with NBS BLUE UV inhibitor dye reduces photosynthesis giving you a unique all year treatment. We supply special twin product packs of NBS RAYO and NBS UV BLUE for this purpose. Each product is also available as individual refills.

In conclusion when pond water is biologically balanced it remains clear, there will be sufficient bacteria consuming nutrients as they are created from aquatic life waste, dead leaves etc. Giving all aquatic life conditions they can thrive in.

String Algae / Blanket weed

Although NBS RIBUT has been designed to eliminate green pond water algae, it will also supress the growth of string algae / blanket weed.  However, we do have a product that has been specially formulated for this task it is NBS MORSE.

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