NBS INDAH (All Water Feature Treatment)

NBS INDAH (All Water Feature Treatment)
 NBS INDAH (All Water Feature Treatment)NBS INDAH (All Water Feature Treatment) 
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  • Highly effective biological treatment.
  • Bacteria deals with source of problem, keeps clean.
  • All year natural pond treatment works down to 4°C.
  • Safe for all animals, fish, wildlife and plants.

Brand:  Natures Bio Solutions Ltd.

How To Use

For existing build-up of algae or green slime, empty and scrub clean. If using bleach ensure you rinse thoroughly, refill and leave for 24 hours before adding NBS INDAH. This gives any residual bleach time to dissipate.

If you have had to clean the feature then use double dose for the first two application.Each tablet will treat 100 litres - 150 litres of water.Place one or two tablets into water feature, tablets will dissolve in a few minutes. Clean pump filter regularly to maintain water flow, it is common for water to go cloudy before clearing.Repeat monthly. If your pond has a heavy organic loading, more than one application will be required.

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